About Us

Florida Real Estate Title and Closing Services with A Mission

In serving our clients, we always keep the clients’ needs and well being as our top priority. We promise every client, no matter how simple or complex their transaction may be, these constant qualities.




Above all, we understand that constant, regular communication is the key to achieving everyone’s goal of an on time closing.

Compassion & Impartiality

Real estate transactions can be trying at times. We always work toward the smoothest, conflict-free solutions possible for every issue.


Our multiple offices and closing facilities make every aspect of dealing with Diamond Title Agency as convenient as possible for every client.


We use every technological tool available to move each transaction smoothly, resulting in on-time, trouble-free closings.


Our planning and scheduling, along with constant attention to the progress of every transaction, helps eliminate delays and helps your closing occur on time.


We understand the absolute necessity for accuracy in every document and filing we prepare


We deliver what we promise and never promise what we cannot deliver. You can count on us at every step.


Every member of our staff is dedicated to professional service in every aspect of their transaction.

Our Satisfied Customers Tell Our Story

With every transaction, we work patiently and efficiently to secure the smoothest possible process, from the initial title order to an on time closing that exceeds everyone’s expectations for quality, comfort, and smooth execution. Many of our customers have told us that we have succeeded admirably in that effort.



Diamond Title Agency-Complete Satisfaction in Every Transaction

At Diamond Title Agency, you can rest assured that your transaction will be handled in a way that will meet every expectation. You’ll never be left in the dark about progress, and we’ll work with you in every way possible to move smoothly from the beginning of the process to a comfortable, trouble-free closing. Contact us today to initiate the Title Insurance and Escrow process or to get the answers you need at any stage of that process. Your satisfaction and a trouble-free process is our primary goal.