Diamond Title Services

Florida Real Estate Title Insurance Services & Products

Diamond Title Services | Closing Refinance LoanAt Diamond Title Agency, we provide all the services and products you need for any type of real estate transaction. From simple refinancing title services to complex commercial and residential transfers, you can rely on Diamond Title for professional, complete, and accurate service and products for your transaction.

Title Insurance & Escrow Services

  • Real Estate Escrow Services – Complete handling of all escrow needs.
  • Online Ordering – Initiate a title order with our online form.
  • Title Evidence Location for Purchases – Not needed for refinancing.
  • Tax Searches – Complete, accurate tax searches, statewide.
  • Judgment Searches – Locate any judgments against a property.
  • Lien Searches – Locate all liens, including mechanic’s liens.
  • Comprehensive Title Examinations – We’re experts at this complex job.
  • Fast, Accurate Commitment Turnarounds – Just 24-48 hours for refinances.
  • Securing Mortgage Payoffs – A crucial step in almost all closings.
  • Title Clearance – We work to resolve title issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Legal Document Preparation – Accuracy is our first priority.
  • Schedule Closings – We work with all parties to set convenient closing dates.
  • Professional, Efficient Closings – We eliminate confusion for smooth closings.
  • Pre-Signed Remote Closings – We’ll arrange and follow up everything.
  • Disbursement of Funds – All disbursements will be handled smoothly.
  • Recording of Deeds and Documents – We record in Bay County.
  • Title Insurance Policy Issuance – Policies to protect lenders and buyers.

Real Estate & Escrow Products

At Diamond Title, we are dedicated to providing the most complete, professional, accurate, and reliable products and services for every real estate transaction. From the simplest refinance or purchase of a new home to complex real estate exchanges and commercial real estate transactions, you can rely on our expertise and experience to make your transaction close smoothly and on time.

Contact us today to place your order or to let us show you why choosing Diamond Title is the best choice you can make. If you are a homebuyer, choosing a title company you trust is completely your decision. If you are a real estate professional, recommending Diamond Title’s Services to your clients is your best assurance of a smooth, problem-free closing, no matter how complex the transaction may be. We’ve earned our trademark of being fast, comfortable, and accurate, from the beginning of the transaction through the closing and beyond. Contact us for more information or to initiate a transaction. We’re always here to serve you!