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Why Title Insurance Is Important for Every Florida Real Estate Purchase

Buying any real estate, whether a modest home, condominium or even a large commercial property, is a huge investment for most people. In the case of residential property, it is usually the largest investment the home buyer will ever make. Real estate ownership transactions can be complex and every property has its unique history of previous ownership. During that time, it may have changed hands many times or may have been victim to some scheme. Anywhere in that history, there could be an issue that could interfere with your ownership. Errors and issues can be costly – time and dollars at risk. Title insurance is designed to help protect the owner and the lender from what could be devastating consequences.

Title insurance dates back to 1876 and was first issued in Philadelphia. Since 1951, Florida’s insured property owners have had peace of mind, protection and the ability to have confidence in property ownership.

That is the very reason Title Insurance exists. Issued at the time ownership transfers, it protects you from financial loss in the case of an adverse condition that makes true title to a piece of property questionable.

Title insurance companies protect their policyholders by engaging in legal cases regarding a disputed title and offer assurance that the current owner is protected against loss from liens, defective title and encumbrances.

Types of Title Insurance

If, like most real estate buyers, you purchase a property via a mortgage, the lender will insist on title insurance as part of the loan agreement. The buyer pays for this, in a one-time, reasonable fee that protects the lender throughout the term of the mortgage.

Individual title insurance that protects the buyer is optional but is highly recommended. This may be issued as a separate policy or in combination with the lender’s policy. Again, a single, reasonable payment protects the buyer from issues that may cloud ownership if the buyer owns the property and beyond. Some of the things that can pop up, even years after you buy the property, include:

  • Deeds, wills and other documents that contain forged signatures, etc.
  • An unknown heir of a previous owner who may have a claim.
  • Invalid documents prepared under an incorrect or expired power of attorney.
  • Mistakes in public records
  • Title insurance protects against these issues and many others.

Real Estate Title Insurance Requirements

Before a title insurance policy can be issued, a detailed and complete search is made to discover any issues that get in the way of a clean transfer of ownership. By searching documents and records, a Real Estate Title Services Company, like Diamond Title Agency, identifies all these items and works to clear them:

  • Deeds, wills & trusts containing errors
  • Outstanding mortgages, liens, and judgments against the property.
  • Easements that allow road or utility construction on the property.
  • Pending legal actions against the property.
  • Incorrect notary acknowledgments.

Any other issues that could prevent legal transfer of the title.

Some things, such as mortgages, are cleared at the time of the sale. Others often require clearance before the sale can take place. In every case, you, as the buyer, will be made aware of these issues as a matter of due diligence. With all issues properly resolved, a Title Insurance Underwriter will agree to issue Title Insurance policy and the sale can be completed. This process takes up most of the time that the sale is in Escrow and is the job of the Title Services Company.

Diamond Title Agency – Florida Title Insurance Services

At Diamond Title, we understand just how important the issuance of Title Insurance is to every real estate transaction. Our experience, training, and expertise are the keys to the detailed process of title searches and clearance of title issues. We dedicate ourselves totally to completing the process and qualifying the property for Title Insurance efficiently and quickly, so that the final closing of the transaction can be done on time. We use only the best Title Insurance Underwriters to supply this vital insurance. You can count on us to meet and exceed your expectations.

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