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Real Estate Title Services for Real Estate Professionals of Florida

Florida Real Estate Professionals face many challenges in the current economy. Real estate transactions have become more complex and some that were once rare are now commonplace. From short sales and foreclosures, to elaborate property exchanges and commercial settlements, brokers and agents need the professional title services and experience of Diamond Title Agency, Inc.

Our team of professionals have the competence, training, technology, quality underwriters and advanced products to handle any real estate transaction…from the simplest to the most complex. Recommending us to your clients is a smart move because with outstanding communications and proficiency, Diamond Title will process each transaction smoothly and your clients will benefit from our seamless scheduling and expert closing skills.

We can expertly handle your transactions, including:

Residential Sales

These are the meat and potatoes of real estate. Our team can move the typical residential property transaction swiftly through the title process and assure you of a successful closing on the desired date.

Short Sales

Diamond Title has abundant experience in processing and expediting real estate short sales. You can rely on that experience to simplify the process for your client.

Foreclosure Sales

As with short sales, our team has processed numerous sales of lender-owned properties. That experience has shown us the most effective ways to keep such sales moving smoothly.


When a speedy process is needed for refinancing, our team can produce results quickly and successfully. Rely on our expertise and skills to simplify any refinancing challenge.

Multiple Closings

No matter how complex a multiple property transaction may be, our careful planning and scheduling can help keep these complex transactions on track, leading to well-managed closings on schedule.

Condominium Transactions

We’ll manage your title needs in any condominium or townhouse transaction, smoothly and with all due diligence issues carefully managed.

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